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It was so riveting I had a hard time putting it down!
--J. Biro, Librarian and Book Reviewer for the Westchester Library System


It was real to what happened, brought back a lot of memories. I kept looking forward to reading more.
-- T. Hansen, Vietnam War Veteran


Well done. I thought Lenny Belkin was very believable and that the story was a very good representation of the whole Vietnam era. Enjoyed it very much.
-- L. Giblin, Careers Educator


I love the way the story is weaved together and it's not possible to put this book down in the middle.
-- C. Agar, Clinical Social Worker


What matters most to me is if I care about the characters, and I did - they were done so well, every one of them. The whole story kept me going, first in Vietnam and then home. It gave me a great appreciation of what it must have been like for these returning soldiers and it was all real and believable even though it was fiction. It was written so well, spare but descriptive, and kept me wanting to know more all the time. I loved it!
-- S. Boyce, English Teacher


It should be on the N.Y. Times best seller list and on Oprah's list. It's better than all the books I've read in the past few years. I had started reading it as an editor, looking for things to criticize and gave that up after the first chapter! The style of writing is so good and the story and the characters are so good. I would never read a book on war but this one I couldn't put down, and at the same time - I enjoyed savoring every scene and didn't want it to end, saving the ending for an extra day. I'm buying copies for my kids because I want them to read it and I don't want to give my copy away.
-- L. Croft, Administrative Assistant


I have finished reading Honorable Intentions and I must confess, I was captivated. By the time I approached the end, I was so eager to see it to completion that I could hardly put it down.
-- R. Aruti, Massage Therapist


The book is fantastic. The characters from beginning to end are so well done. It's all fantastic!
-- H. Lippke, Information Technology Systems