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Abigails's search for love takes her to people and places she hasn't seen since high school.  Fast-witted dialog and compelling characters make this a book you don't want to put down.  Appealing to young and old alike, this is a story that evokes everyone's personal searches, wherever they've lived and whatever they left behind.  A second highly recommended novel by Judith Kolkin. 

-- Juliana Biro, Book Reviewer for the Westchester Library System


I was strongly drawn to Abigail's journey and compelled to read on through her conflicts and awakenings.  It's an everypwoman's story and a great read!

-- Rochelle Aruti, Sculptor and Massage Therapist


Beautifully written, compelling tale of a woman's recovery from divorce and her journey to revisit the past as a way to heal.

-- Karli Kelber, College Professor


I enjoyed it very much.  I especially appreciated the trip back to Brooklyn and the sights and sounds of my youth.

-- Sylvia MacFarlane, Chemistry Teacher


BRAVO, I loved it!  I didn't want it to end.  It is great, so readable, interesting.  I laughed, cried, smiled, saw myself in her... just wonderful!

-- Katie Posner, Nurse


I couldn't put it down.  Abigail is such an interesting person as are all her family and friends - I kept wanting to read more about them.  It is very well written.  I enjoyed it very much.

-- Lieby Bouchard, Abstract Artist


The brilliance in this book is that it’s about universal themes in a way that makes it feel very personal to those who read it. The characters and their personalities are developed very well. They feel completely genuine to me.  Also, the opening holiday scene is painted with a lot of care. The same flair shows up in the description of the other scenes. The meetings with Ann at Macy’s are quite lifelike to me.

-- Ove Parmalind, Physicist

I absolutely loved reading this book for the third time... couldn't put it down... totally enjoyed Abigail's character as I saw a lot of me in her... thought the castle and dragon images were fantastic as I love the fairy tale happily ever after thinking... terrific ending to a great story... will definitely be an annual read for me... the bottom line is, I loved the book!!!

-- Margrit Conroy, Financial Assistant


Well, you did it again.  I don't usually like love stories ~ but I loved Abigail (Unloved)!  It was engrossing, the characters are so likable and I read it all in one weekend.  I can't wait for Book #3!

-- Dawn Tosto, Social Worker


I really enjoyed it - it kept me entertained all the way through.

-- Katie Campbell, Physical Therapist

Many novels have been written on the subject of this book.  Self exploration, learning to like yourself, be happy with who you are.  It has been sensitively described by the author, with great detail and care.  At the same time interweaving the relationship between two sisters adds another level of complexity and proves to be a unique background for the story throughout the book.  This novel is the author's second book, her first ("Honorable Intentions") shows her versatility in writing novels, because they could not be more different.

-- Hedda Lippke, Information Technology Manager


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed Abigail Unloved.  I just wished it was longer!  You sparked memories of high school that I hadn't thought about in years.  Looking forward to your next book.
 -- Cyn Tottka, Information Data Specialist